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Teenyboppers are girls ages 9-13 who are into Avril Lavinge and Britney Spears. They think fugly ass guys like Jesse McCartney and Chad Micheal Murray are the best things since sliced bread. They usually wear stuff from the Limited Too,glitter eye shadow, and thongs.
teenybopper: OMG!!111!!! I jsut got dis liek new shirt from Limited Too nd it sayz ''Sweet n Sassy'' on it OMG!!!!!1111!!LOZLOLZ!!! OMG!!!11 Look over there it's the Jesse MCcartney video! He is SOOO hawt! I'm going to have 132354769778759960209485828250684989859 million of his babies! LOLZ!!!!1111!!

Me: Get a fucking life.

teenyboppers are a fucking travesty to mother earth
by DizzyLizzy June 07, 2006
A person who is a tryhard.
A person who attempts to copy someone else, to be cool.
A person who stays in the latest hottopic/supre fashion yet claims they are a punk of some description because they like Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne.
An extreamly fake person.
A Prep.
Avril Lavigne is a teeny Bopper as are many of her followers.
by Rozz October 07, 2003
A person who does what she wants, listens to what she wants, and wears what she wants. It is a steriotypical term that is used very loosly to describe most teenage girls. It is used to descibe what others see as "teeny bopper" when said people don't even take into account thier intellegence quota. Not all teen girls that are into Good Charlotte and the like are teenie boppers.
Random person: Hey, what music are you into?
"Teeny bopper":Im into Good Charlotte.
Random person:You're such a teenie bopper.
"Teeny bopper":That's a biased opinion based on the influences of society against teenie boppers. F*ck you.

I'm tired of being labled as a friggen teeny bopper for being 13 and into Good Charlotte. People can be so judgemental.
by Cheese_Puff March 20, 2005
Someone Who say like a thousand times. . its annoying! Sheesh, i sometimes talk like. . this (Dis lolz)yea and I am a blonde, so it's not all blondes that are teeny boppers. . . ok so yea bye now
(sumone)hiyaz. . u thurrrz
me) umm hi?
sumone)_ helloz wuzzzzup
me0- n2m but u need to chill out fakie
sumone)_ fakie?? ur callin me a fake. . . whatever like u stupid bimbo enyways shut up lyke iwanted ot ltk to u enyways byeeez
me0- w/e bye
by BrItTaNy November 25, 2003
teeny boppers are those yong tenage girls whom have not reached matchorety. thear usuoly beween 14-20 yers old ther all vrgens thay love femail pop stars wair clothes frome hot topik and watch american idol thay halv no clue on sex yet will take off ther pantees to the first guy that ses i love u trust me i know it works thay say your just a frend yet will fuck you if you ask wrightthaer freeks in bed doing crasy stuff they saw on epesodes of REAL SEX . if you come across one i say fuck the living daylights out of that pussy then thay wont be vergens hens not a teeny boppers .teeny doppers sholdent be haighted o wagit yes yes haight them and halv sex with then but only the skiny ones no fat chix all thoe more cushin fore the pushin sounds tempting OPPS !uuuu togethe as men we will rise up and defeet the teeny bopper nation one pussy at a time
sqeeks alot mainly wen happy , wears cloths from hot topik(goth place of shoping),skin color wite or mixed some tines portoreken or polish
A teeny bopper is typically 14-18 years old, blonde, tall, thin, and hotttt! AKA Barbie... they're peppy and bubbly and normally are found in the middle of large groups. Normally they are the cheerleaders of public schools and the preppy bitches of private schools. They break a lot of hearts, but they don't mean to. They're basically always happy, cheerful, smiling and the first to say hey to you in the morning. Some teeny boppers are huge bitches though and think they're better than everyone else.
TB1: Hey! how are you?
Person: mmm fine i guess
TB: you guess? well lets go shopping after school and I'll take you to dinner!
Person: Thanks, I feel better now!
by Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky February 01, 2005
a girl that listens to the music they want to listen to, dress the way they want to, and online they talk the way that most expresses themselves. people think they are stupid little preppy wannabe freaks-i just am like "well, whatever because i dont care what you think about me!"
me: hey maggie, lets go to the mall with jake and sam after school!
maggie: ok cool that'll be fun
by penguinHOTTIEx4x4 February 03, 2005