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Teeny Boppers are usally quite girly and glam (trying to be) or Wemo (wanna be emo) or a Poser of some sort.

1. The girly pretty princess noncense is very much envyed by many teens, teeny boppers are usally about 9 to 13 in my case.The girly boppers think the world of there self and think they are also as 'cool' as the popular gangs. They go on IM alot (MSN). Mostly they speak like this:

1 They can't finish a sentence with out like 1 like million like likes....

2 ThEy ThInK ItS wAy CoOl tO uSe DiFfErEnT

3 Some tend to use smiley faces like:

+] =] :) *_* and so on to only teeny boppers do so though (its sort of a trend hehe!)

4 They Love bands that are mainstream and disney music such as HSM (High School Musical) JoBros (Jonas Brothers) And Hannah Montanna (miley Cyrus). They do not usallylike the music for its talent normally (i stress normally) for the music thats 'in'

Type Two 2 Teeny Boppers

Yes, I dread but its the WEMO's for ones that don't know what this is its wanna be emo/Scenes/Goths and Punks.Not all 9-13 kids are Teeny Boppersor WEMO's but if they are failing badly yu can tell for example;

Try to be sad to fit in
Try to wear Black to fit in
Or just think they are all it by saying im a Punk_*Princess* kiss kiss blahh blahh... and try o have silly girly scene names.
but again some 9-13 are not posers!

To some it up there are to different types of teeny Boopers but not all are what they seam andjust because someone uses x or _ doesnt mean they are a TB
Teeny Boppers(): Hey Like OMG!!!...!111Im so like finking MCR is so like In like HAWTT!x=3 init girlly friend coe onhunzcYaxXxxOMFG!!x
Scene GIrl your Perfetic..
TB like omg i can'tbeliev that like im so hot like im nine and like i have myspace blahh blahh blahh
Scene *walks away* Mutters to self....

Not everyones lie that rubbish example hehe!=]P.s not every Teeny Bopper is nine with a Myspace i am Rubbish with exaples
by SophLovesRenT January 15, 2009
Stupid girls of ages 10-14 who squeal and giggle so much that Satan is willing to drag them back to hell. They brag about their boyfriends and show them off during lunch by sitting in a table full of shitty stupid 'couples'. They like pink and listen to stupid bubblegum pop and think they are teenagers and try to hard to act like them. They cry when they see a pimple...FOR FUCKIN SAKE ITS JUST A PIMPLE!!! IT'LL GO AWAY AND WHO THE HELL WILL CARE IF YOU HAVE A PIMPLE!!!??? They think they're all that and dress in pink, purple, mini-skirts, and T-shirts that say, 'Pop princess', or 'Ms. Attitude' and other crap like that. They like typing like this: 'l00k AnN I hAvE a NeW cElL!!! I kAn sLeEp OvEr yay!!! Like We CaN caLl up the B0iZ and pAiNt oUr naILz!!! g2g bi!!!!' it is so annoying. They think they're all that just because they have 'boyfriends'. They don't know the true definition of that word. They often write in their online journals, 'I lOvE jAsOn hE iS sO HotT I waNna Kiz hiM!!!!' When asked about their favorite hobby, they all scream like sluts, "SHOPPING!!!!"
Bopper: Hi WuSsUp hOmIe???
Me: You boppers suck serious ass. O_o
by Shedie August 25, 2004
The ethnic group Hitler would focus on instead if he were alive today.
Teeny Bopper: Let's all get ice-cream sodas!
Hitler: Kommen sie um!
by Requiett June 06, 2005
a retard, usually a 11-14 year old girl who wears shirts that say things like "angel" "princess" "diva" "goddess," etc. they wear sparkly pink/blue jewelry. and the true mark is crisp, clean new-looking low-top converse OR navy blue skechers. also pretend they have boobs but they dont. their bras are more like a piece of elastic with eggshells connected. and they enjoy wearing denim bell bottoms or "flares" with pre-worn out butts and/or a little flowery design somewhere.
hey, check out the fruity teenybopper... yeah the one with cheap butterfly clips in her hair and the justin timberlake lunchbox
by andie September 19, 2003
Teenage whore. They like to listen to shit music to be in a group. They flock around their tvs watchin MTV to see whats hip. They deck themselves out at hot topic to be like avril laving or good charlote or wear skimpy clothes when they are fat as hell and have backacne to be like britney spears. they always watch american idol and always vote for the gay guy. they are one of the most hated people in the world, next to terrorists.
Breaking news: The government ordered the genocide of teeny boppers.
by Rawr June 15, 2003
An odd species of n00b that displays the following traits...

-Fond of MTV, Good Charlotte, the like.
-Plumage usually black with hot pink mixed in, markings usually in the form of the words "Punk Princess."
-Natural watering hole is a chatroom, where they use their mating call, which sounds like this. "LOL!!!111!Z liek aslz!143e12!!!"

Easiest way to kill them is disembowelment. Don't go for the head, they're like roaches.
"Break out the frags, guys, it's Teeny Bopper season."
by Alec December 10, 2004
A fanatcial teenager, often a girl at the cusp of puberty, who squanders vast amounts of hard earned money on useless items of clothes, music, and fashion products. Frowned upon by the more educated sector of our soceity, considred the epitome of ignorance of the teen age life.
Look at the 12 your old dame, shit nigga, she's your classic teenboppa
by natedizzle July 19, 2003
A girl who is not usually a teen, more around the ages of anywhere from 9 and sadly up to fourteen in some cases. They usually wear shirts that have the Limited Too logo and tight jeans with stupid designs. Some of the 'h4rDk0r3' teenyboppers will wear thongs up to their armpits and skirts that barely cover their prementrual asses. The younger teenyboppers typically listen to boy bands, while the older ones listen to rap.

Me: Die.
by Fork You December 09, 2004