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illegal teenage jailbait poontang
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
Underage pussy; jailbait. Poontang young enough to land you in jail, R. Kelly!
I don't see nuthin' wrong... with a little teeny poon!
by Da Nastee One! June 10, 2003
the type of underage, teenage hos R Kelly gives golden showers to
I see nothing wrong with teeny poon!
by U Nastee June 20, 2003
really good pussy from a girl under the age of 18
I picked up a Catholic schoolgirl and got some teeny poon. It was sweet!
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
a sexy, slutty teenage girl who wants to fuck you
Don't go near that teeny poon. You'll go to jail!
by Anonymous June 13, 2003