An immature wanna be; A young unexperienced person
That girl Tila Tequila is a TeenyBopper
by PoisonK June 01, 2009
The most annoying bitch's in the world. People who Absolutley LOVE MTV. They perfer Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, 50 Cent, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte over Amazing Influencial bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and the Beatles. They can either be ghetto sluts or Ugly Fake Goth's who Listen to MCR and has never heard a real band in their life. They Love shopping for rediculous clothing like "Princess" or "Myspace Celebrity" written on the T-shirt. They wish they were the girls on America's next top model, and absolutley Love Gay men. espechally male fashion designers. Teeny Boppers are unintelligent, they usually type words like "DIS, WUT? R U RILLI?" and "N Den lyke ma mum walkz in n says tuRn down ur H2w+h()rn3 h3!ghtz cd!!!11111!11! it hurT ! cr!d!!11!"
"Anyone who watches MTV is a teeny bopper, and that means you suck"
by vvvvxgxxxg November 01, 2006
moronic pretten girls who love boy bands and terrible pop music. They should be grouped up and brutally murdered, cause they are responsible for killing music, and turning respectable girls into whores.
Teeny Boppers are worse than emo, no wait their both bad.
by Mr. Zimpy December 20, 2009
a short female usually 11-13 yrs of age, who wears flared jeans with the bottoms tied together with cute pink string and flowers and jewels on it. they like to wear pink or light blue sketchers and lizzie mcguire soks. they also like to wear cute shirts that say angel or boy crazy, etc
i think im going to go teenybopper today. i shall wear my sketchers and flared jeans and my cutie shirt.
by jnla;kjdcsd July 13, 2006
Girls who completely dedicate themselves to Hanson.
The adolescent girls in the pit of a Hanson concert who are screaming and crying their lungs off just becuase they are 12 feet from the band.
by Vidya June 27, 2004
A young usually asian for me teenagerwho reckons they are king shit and on to of the gangster ladder, where's slutty skirts and clothes. like bullshit music they don't even understand, 'TyyPpe lyKEE thIis', 10-14 taxing, popping and going dance parties, drinking, and screwing boys thinking it's cool. well thats the city bum, of australia, syd, meaning for you.
omfg have you seen that TEENY BOPPER that hangs arond galaxy by herself?
by December 24, 2005
Generally, I think of teenyboppers as being younger than 11 yrs old. ok ok, i used to listen to basketcase boys, spice girls(cringes), and the like. I've changed, i was a naive little girl. Anyway, what i'm saying is not all 14 yr olds are teenyboppers. I'm 14 and at least I know who Billy Joe, Kurt Cobain, and The Clash are. All I can say, if you only know of Green Day from MTV, get a life.
Teeny bopper: Omi gosh, you guys, look at my new sparkly pink punk tshirt! i also bought some new pink pearly lip gloss. It's so totally kewlie!

Me: Honestly, I hate your shirt, and that new pink pearly lip gloss looks like crap. Why would u put crap on your face!
by someone from someplace April 30, 2005

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