Usually pre-teen girls aged 9-14.

They can often be seen in excess amount of makeup on their face, black leggings, crop top, canvas shoes, and wear their socks over their leggings.

They are heard miles away either giggling or giving looks of disapproval at others.

Their main 'hangout' place is the mall and the cinemas in groups of three or four.

They are usually fans of Justin Bieber.
Person 1: Wow.. look at those teenyboppers over there.. they look like sluts for their age.. :|

Person 2: And their faces are covered in makeup but they look so young!

Person 1: Yeah, they look like such wannabes.
by stickytaperer December 21, 2011
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teenybopper a.k.a teentart

A girl between 12-15 that wears tights with singlet and cardigan with flats, or alternatively minishorts with tops with retarted sayings on it and bums around broady, epping, highpoint or northland shopping centres in two's or three's, in search for boys. They squeal and talk in a squeeky voice, have long hair, chews gum and eats maccas. Mostly short and skinny or average height and skinny. They are materialistic and care only abt looks, fashion, makeup, boys and maccas. They love shopping at supre, diva, ice, chicci and Y-not type stores. They are mostly dumb in maths and have a confused look on their face while looking at timetables, maps etc.
by mooncrater October 05, 2010
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stupid kids, ussually ages 13 to 19, who like to piss off everyone by going to the movies just for the hell of it, and not really the movies. after the movies, they usually hangout outside of the theatre arguing about wether they should go to starbucks or jamba juice. popular kids are usually found in the "teenybopper" crowd.
"shouldnt you fucking teenyboppers be at the fucking mall? i mean, it is friday."
by anti-scenekidd July 08, 2005
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The most annoying bitch's in the world. People who Absolutley LOVE MTV. They perfer Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, 50 Cent, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte over Amazing Influencial bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and the Beatles. They can either be ghetto sluts or Ugly Fake Goth's who Listen to MCR and has never heard a real band in their life. They Love shopping for rediculous clothing like "Princess" or "Myspace Celebrity" written on the T-shirt. They wish they were the girls on America's next top model, and absolutley Love Gay men. espechally male fashion designers. Teeny Boppers are unintelligent, they usually type words like "DIS, WUT? R U RILLI?" and "N Den lyke ma mum walkz in n says tuRn down ur H2w+h()rn3 h3!ghtz cd!!!11111!11! it hurT ! cr!d!!11!"
"Anyone who watches MTV is a teeny bopper, and that means you suck"
by vvvvxgxxxg November 01, 2006
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Teeny boppers- An alternative way of spelling teenie bopper. It means the same thing. A child verging on adolecense, that is too desperate to reach it. They use teenagers as their role models and imitate their recent styles.
It depends which teenage style the teeny-bopper is trying to carry off, but
they would usually where ra-ra skirts, high heels, and general clothes that they are not ready to wear.
Again it depends on which look they are trying to carry off but usually-
Big gold chains, Baseball caps, Converses, vans, ear peircings.
by Keeya May 13, 2006
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A preteen/teenager who is desparate to be "cool",but instead actually ends up looking like a idiotic poseur.They often have iPhones and spend their entire day text messaging stuff like ''OMG I jes GoT A ManICuRE".They often listen to pop songs like California Gurls only because everyone else like them listens to them.Teeny boppers often hang in cliques.Their lives depend on boys,and they only like guys for their looks which is pretty sad.They like to stuff their bras with tissue papper because they are flat chested and wish to have "boobies"Word of advice to teeny boppers:get a life please,and get over yourself while your at it.
They obsess over themselves and are selfish.They love pink,and are always following fads and whats in.Reason Being:To bE KeWL,as I said before.When texting and chating online they type like this:OMGGGGGG i BRokE A NaIl!!!!!!!!

They often wear whats ''IN".

They are commonly reffered to as sluts and attention whores.Part of that is true,but not all teeny boppers are sluts.Most are though,but all of them are attention whores.If they weren't then they would be teeny boppers.
teeny bopper #1:"LYKe OMGGGG CaLiFOrNiA GuRLs RaWk.''
me:''Damn not another teeny bopper."
by Norklandia September 26, 2010
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Teeny Boppers are usally quite girly and glam (trying to be) or Wemo (wanna be emo) or a Poser of some sort.

1. The girly pretty princess noncense is very much envyed by many teens, teeny boppers are usally about 9 to 13 in my case.The girly boppers think the world of there self and think they are also as 'cool' as the popular gangs. They go on IM alot (MSN). Mostly they speak like this:

1 They can't finish a sentence with out like 1 like million like likes....

2 ThEy ThInK ItS wAy CoOl tO uSe DiFfErEnT

3 Some tend to use smiley faces like:

+ = :) *_* and so on to only teeny boppers do so though (its sort of a trend hehe!)

4 They Love bands that are mainstream and disney music such as HSM (High School Musical) JoBros (Jonas Brothers) And Hannah Montanna (miley Cyrus). They do not usallylike the music for its talent normally (i stress normally) for the music thats 'in'

Type Two 2 Teeny Boppers

Yes, I dread but its the WEMO's for ones that don't know what this is its wanna be emo/Scenes/Goths and Punks.Not all 9-13 kids are Teeny Boppersor WEMO's but if they are failing badly yu can tell for example;

Try to be sad to fit in
Try to wear Black to fit in
Or just think they are all it by saying im a Punk_*Princess* kiss kiss blahh blahh... and try o have silly girly scene names.
but again some 9-13 are not posers!

To some it up there are to different types of teeny Boopers but not all are what they seam andjust because someone uses x or _ doesnt mean they are a TB
Teeny Boppers(): Hey Like OMG!!!...!111Im so like finking MCR is so like In like HAWTT!x=3 init girlly friend coe onhunzcYaxXxxOMFG!!x
Scene GIrl your Perfetic..
TB like omg i can'tbeliev that like im so hot like im nine and like i have myspace blahh blahh blahh
Scene *walks away* Mutters to self....

Not everyones lie that rubbish example hehe!=P.s not every Teeny Bopper is nine with a Myspace i am Rubbish with exaples
by SophLovesRenT January 15, 2009
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