A chat site created by a pedo in order to get cybered. It features many different room, which contain regs who sit online all day and troll all newfags who attempt to whore their fake myspaces.
cheerleader69: hay guyz, wanna add me?
Reg: Gtfo, you fucking cunt
cheerleader69: fuk u! ur a bitch! i'm leavin teenchat now by guyz add me
by Shuddup September 12, 2008
Top Definition
A place where losers on the internet can get away from reality and pretend to themselves that they are capable of ever finding a sexual partner. People here engage in 'cyber sex'.

cheerleaderbabe28: hey u ever been on teenchat?
massivestud001: na wat u wearin?
cheerleaderbabe28: nuffin, u?
massivestud001: same. sweet.
by Mentalist January 04, 2007
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