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~not always involving a teenager; age limit is 21, becasue some 21 year olds act like teenagers

~usually takes place in high school but occasionally shows up in college

~the dramas "base", or creator, is 98% of the time girls, usually talking about who broke up with who, and how their love life is going; calling other girls whores (even though most of the time the accuser is just as mucha whore if not more); explaining how this girl screwed this boy, who was seeing this other girl last night, but that other girl is actually seeing this other guy, and they screwed in teh bedroom beside the other boy and girl (you get the picture)

~annoying as hell to listen to, especially when described by girls, because a plethora of phrases such as: "like..." "oh my god" "wat a whore", etc. are used wat to many times during the "story"

~mostly takes place in smaller towns & schools, where people have nothing better to do but get drunk, vandalize, and create more and more drama

~some girls even use this type of drama as their own entertainment. when there is nothing better to do, they will randomly pick someone out and piss them off in some way just to create the drama for the hell o it, however, the person(s) fighting will be bffs the next day

girl one: "oh my god! did u hear wat (he) did last night? like... (he) and (her) got drunk at his party and then they all made out on the couch, wat a whore (she) is

girl two: "no way! (she) is a complete whore... like, last weekend, like, she was, like, screwing this college guy (she) had just met, and like, then she bragged about it

i think u get the picture...convo could very well continue on for hours

innocent bystandard: "im so tired of hearing about their teenage melodrama"
by Jarret Engstrom February 21, 2007

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