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A white singer with a black voice. Also sometimes known as Tina Marie. She was married to Rick James.
Teena Marie has songs like Eve, Portuguese Love, Still in Love, and Ebony Eyes.
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
Used in the gay club community in Toronto to refer to a female who looks like she's wasted on alcohol or drugs, or in a more vague sense, just looks rough. Also can reference anything that is sloppy, messy or poorly put together.

Derived from the name of '80s pop singer Teena Marie, but also references slang for crystal meth, also known as Tina. Also references Rick James, who was Marie's protegee, and a known drug addict.

Alternate spelling "Tina Marie"
"Oh, that girl is so Teena Marie."
"She was Teena last night."
"Bring it On 5: Fight to the Finish is so Tina."
by digitkidd January 20, 2010
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