An internet forum on the Canadian networking site known as This forum consists of a conglomerate of different social groups including nobodies, lowlifes, losers, loners, sluts, and idiot hipsters who congregate together on the internet and try to act like they are more intelligent than the rest, but in truth are just morons living in their parents basement with no future. The age range in teens is from 15-22. While most normal people have lives, the regulars in teens don't and use teens and the internet in order to replace this void. In short, the users in teens are all losers going no where.
I heard Waiting4U is dating a teens reg!
by lambsanger April 29, 2009
In America a teen is a spoiled angry little kid! In other countries teens care more and aren't so lazy and learn math! Well actually Canada is like USA. Teens are ages 12-18... sometimes on websites it'll say they're teens but it says everyone was over 18. So I guess a young adult teen is like 18-24. Sometimes 9 year olds are a little more mature than kids so I put them in pre-teen kids.
Infants/Little kids: ages 3-5
Kids: 6-8
Pre-Teens: 9-11
Teens: 12-17
Young Adults: 18-24
Adults: 25-59 then you are a senior :)
by Dominique February 07, 2004

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