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Adjective. Used to describe abnormal, radical behaviour.
Get teen, you're boring me and everything else in your life.
by funnyhunny April 23, 2013
Some people (what I can only speculate as children) ignorantly claim 18/19 year olds are NOT teens, and label them as adults yet fail to acknowledge teen isn't a title, it's an age categorization that's upto a government or a countries legal system to decide what they and what they do not proclaim as adults, some countries chose to label their citizens as adults as early as 15, some as late at 21, In accordance of Jewish law a boy become a man ages 13. WHEN you hit your second decade of life (20+), you're known as a 20-something, before that period, you're a TEEN.
Teen is not a title, it's an age.

American: An eighteen year old is not a teenager! It's an adult!

Scottish: Well, in Scotland the age of majority is 16, so you're both an ADULT AND a TEEN.

Scientist: People in their late teens (17-19), are still biologically adolescent, however lawfully it's for a state to decide at which age their citizens are to be held accountable for their actions and themselves.
by Shaft123 March 27, 2011
short for teener - 1.75 grams of llello
ill sell you a teen for 60
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003
noun, adjective: A legal and cultural age set or class invented in early 20th century Western nations to describe young adults roughly between the ages of 12 and 21. As bourgeois families acquired more wealth and freetime, it became expected that their ofspring would have childhoods far extended beyond biological tendency and tradition. While "teens'" rights are severely limited in modern societies, they are often paradoxically expected to rebel against these limits as part of a "natural phase". Through the 20th century, the "teen" phenomenon has extended from a small well-to-do set of urban youths in America to expectation enshrined in most countries laws. The years refered to as "adolescence" or "immaturity" have quickly bloated in duration from 14-16 years of age to (in middle class America) 12-24 years of age.
"In America, a teen is just a spoiled little brat. Where I'm from, a teen often has a spouse, a job, and standing in the family and community." -B. Patel
by Brighid N May 10, 2003
A group of kids in an age range of 13-18 who cause alot of societies problems. Some being complete idiots and drinking and smokeing because it's "cool" and are reading this right now saying the defintion is stupid. After they drink and smoke they have sex about fifty times because they need a life. Then they drive and get in a wreck and kill innocent people for being complete idiots.

Also they go to the movies and watch complete crap like "Step Up" or "John Tucker Must Die" and think they are the best movies ever but really are a disgrace to the art and would not consider great classics or any modern great films good becuase they are boreing and do not feature some one they can lust over. They also listen to crap music and then act out what they hear. Also seem to cuss with just about every word and place themselves by what they have done sexually or unlawfully They have no concern for the troubles of others and care only about them selves.

Very Uneducated in many important events. Most could not tell you what The Holocaust is or who Adolf Hitler was or even what war it took place. All they care about is banging the hot girl in class and drinking. Some teens are good and have ambitions in their lives but, most or just a disgrace to human life and need to learn to be mature like they are supposed to be.
"Yeah thoose stupid teenagers where having sex in the parking lot."

"A teenager would not consider the film Casablanca great even if they heard of it because it is old and in black and white."

" TV: And the winner for Best Picture is....Little Miss Sunshine!
Teen: What the f*ck is that gay a*s bullsh*t! The Fast and the Furious 3 should have won that sh*t man!"

"Teenagers are the most annoying form of life on this planet."
by xenternityx September 26, 2006
Noun/Adjective, 1900's:
A young idiot roughly between the ages of 14-18 (because 13-year-olds are still too juvenile to be considered a teen -- not like being a teen makes you any more mature). 3/4 of which are obnoxious, bratty, wannabe-outcast mallrats.
This dude's such an asshole. He's 27 and he's such a teen.
by FRyLoCK May 31, 2005
An internet forum on the Canadian networking site known as nexopia.com. This forum consists of a conglomerate of different social groups including nobodies, lowlifes, losers, loners, sluts, and idiot hipsters who congregate together on the internet and try to act like they are more intelligent than the rest, but in truth are just morons living in their parents basement with no future. The age range in teens is from 15-22. While most normal people have lives, the regulars in teens don't and use teens and the internet in order to replace this void. In short, the users in teens are all losers going no where.
I heard Waiting4U is dating a teens reg!
by lambsanger April 29, 2009