someone between the ages of thirTEEN and nineTEEN (d'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)
"Twelve-year-olds are far too young for the teen scene, and don't trust anyone over 20"
by kofi May 19, 2003
teen - one who is longing for attention and to be "cool". getting drunk, high, or laid any day of the week is a must. they hang out at the mall, movie theater, and any other place that other teens can be found. when not at these teen gathering zones they are at home watching MTV and chatting to buddies VIA AOL. if they are not at thier home they are at a "teen party" doing all of the above. their relationships last 2-3 weeks and their sexual expeditions are far from confidential. 95% of america's young population are, have been, or are destined to become teens.
Teen-Hey maaan know where i can score some ultra dank shit?
Me-Man.....Fuck you teen
by SSethRX December 23, 2004
To be thirTEEN through nineTEEN years old. It is possible to be both a teen and an adult. Teen does not mean only a person who is not an adult yet.

A teen is someone who is constantly getting discriminated against, like blacks used to.

Unfortunately, the majority of adults fail to see that. (See bias or ignorant.)
My teen is so rebellious and has a mind of his own, which scares me, the parent! I want my teen to be a robot, not an individual!
#teen #discriminate #black #age #adult #why #bother
by Jacob Wake-up May 07, 2009
Someone Kobe Bryant likes to have sex with.
I heard Kobe couldn't control himself and smacked up some teenage girl.
by bryantsucks August 19, 2003
1. Humans between the age of 12 and 18.
2. (internet)Any woman between the age of 18 and 70.
Click here for more free teens!
#porn #lesbain #lol #rofl #pron
by Alan. May 02, 2006
Before adult, after child.

At eighteen and nineteen, even if there's the word TEEN in the number, you're an adult, not teen.
Look at the definiton of adult, 18+.
It wouldn't make sense to be both an adult and teen.

Also, "adult" movies are always 18+.

You'll often hear "A TWENTY year old TEEN got caught in an accident..." in the news, but they just want to sound clever. (it actually fails, because no one looks clever by calling a twenty year old adult "teen")
This girl is a teen, she's 14.
#teenager #adult #stereotype #phase #age
by Guest01344 March 01, 2007
In the modern era were agricultural labour is no longer accepted (except by harcore maoists who ramble on about bourgeois society every day without realising that 'bourgeois' merely means somone who does not want a life expectancy lower than 25 and does not want half of their kids to die of starvation and disease), people have began to accept technology and the mechanized economy so that they can progress. After world war 2 several cultural changes stemming from the US took place in which teenagers in full time education began to create a new culture based on their hightenned emotional status.

Tis culture was based around 'getting laid', being mean to nerds and of course music which appeals to teenagers. In the 60s another social change occurred in the USA whereby the war in Vietnam caused social unrest, this coupled with contraceptives and superior music to the previous decade caused teenage culture to become more deviant than ever.
you were one, unless you are under 13 years of age.
by waffler April 24, 2004
People aged between 13 and 19 (some people seem to think its more, frankly, their stupid, American or French) Also there seem to be an endless suplie of teens for porn. V. strange as that would only included 18 and 19 year olds! :-S
I am a teenager (not in the porn business you sick bastards!)
by Chuffy July 22, 2003
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