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A modernized sex education program that has a chance to really help students in high school learn about safe sex. Older students go through a program to learn how to teach this class to younger students under a certified teachers supervision. It has the general support of the community as a great helpful program. Generally opposed by a few crazy lunatics that believe that their life choices are the only correct ones and must impose them on others.
by With a clear view February 26, 2009
Hypocritical high school organization that hires teenagers to talk to younger students about safe sex and ABSTAINANCE and proclaim their virginity which may or may not be intact. These skankbags who seem to have their teachers and peers fooled into thinking they are innocent and "chaste" are forced to perform skits about the wonders of "abstainance". It does not work.
The people involved with teen pep have quite a few venerial diseases.
by Lumber-Jack August 18, 2007
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