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the greatest shot in the entire world. yummy
when Leigh invented the Teddybomber, and Rena named it, a Star Was Born.
by Teddybomber Lover March 26, 2011
1. someone who bombs structures using high class boms diguised as teddybears in cowboy bebop. 2. a notorious email bomber who fills your inbox whith useless crap mail.
Teddy bomber fucked up my email.
by TEDDY BOMBER March 25, 2005
A shot consisting of 1/3 vanilla vodka, 1/3 espresso vodka, and 1/3 whipped cream vodka, with a splash of vanilla coke.
After all those teddybombers last night, I had trouble waking up this morning!
by luvleigh43 January 23, 2011