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1. someone who bombs structures using high class boms diguised as teddybears in cowboy bebop. 2. a notorious email bomber who fills your inbox whith useless crap mail.
Teddy bomber fucked up my email.
by TEDDY BOMBER March 25, 2005
the greatest shot in the entire world. yummy
when Leigh invented the Teddybomber, and Rena named it, a Star Was Born.
by Teddybomber Lover March 26, 2011
A shot consisting of 1/3 vanilla vodka, 1/3 espresso vodka, and 1/3 whipped cream vodka, with a splash of vanilla coke.
After all those teddybombers last night, I had trouble waking up this morning!
by luvleigh43 January 23, 2011