When you get weed stuck in your throat/lungs after inhaling from a shitty pipe or bong.
Because real teddybears are also nice and make you feel fuzzy but you absolutely do not want them in your trachea.
uhmimamanduh (11:54:54 PM): the other day i choked on weed and said "oh TEDDYBEARS" and now when you get weed stuck in your throat using a pipe/bong it's called teddybears

"I got teddybears yesterday. I blame Costa Rica for their shitty craftsmanship because they made the hole too fucking big."
by omgyourelikefamous July 20, 2009
A word to mean a man/guy who is chubby, cute and cuddly. They are usually tall with exotic names. If a Teddy Bear has a girlfriend, she will never refer to him by his real name but only by "Teddy Bear". They are very lovable and give free hugs and free teddy bears.
Person 1: Look! There's a Teddy Bear over there!
Person 2: Nah, that's just Patrick
by SunnyTeddyBear September 14, 2014
A Teddy bear is a big cuddle buddy you can have that won't reject you, it sleeps in your arms, warms you up and holds you tight. Always have a teddy bear.
Man I want a teddy bear to spoon tonight
by Lover:I September 29, 2014
1) A small plush toy usually favored by little children (mostly females who consider the toy cute)

2) A nickname for people who's names are Theodore or Teddy
1) my girlfriend really loves her teddy bear

2)"Hey Teddy Bear!"

"Stop calling me that!"
by chucky norrissy October 29, 2009
A chubby guy that loves to cuddle his girlfriend, protects her, has fun with her, and loves her to the end.
I love my boyfriend, my big teddy bear!
by Eddy+Ann April 27, 2015
a person who you fuck with from time to time
i need my teddy bear
by lovebymanyhatedbymost3 February 17, 2015
A man who is obese and has a body hair problem.
That guy looks like a real teddy bear, go figure.
by Witchdoc6146 July 18, 2010
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