Someone who is computer illiterate.
The act of being bad with technology.
One who doesn't care to learn about technological things.
AKA my friend Kevin
When it comes to computers I'm a techtard.

As far as society's concerned, he is techtarded.
by MachineShop January 10, 2008
Top Definition
A contraction of "Technological Retard"
Technological + Retard = Techtard

1. Someone who is so "technologically challenged" that they shouldn't be allowed within a 10 mile radius of anything electronic.

2. Someone who often misinterprets/gets confused with IT Support's suggestions/advice. Most Helpdesk operators would rather watch paint dry than talk to these users.

See techtarded
Argh! I can't stand it! Someone else take this call... 2 hours and this techtard still can't figure out how to open his web browser!
by Reepr October 15, 2005
One who has (or more likely has NOT) attended Texas Tech University. Used interchangably with "tceh tard".
"Hey, that Tech Tard didn't give me change for my pizza!"
by AC from Texags September 06, 2006
A person who either has attended or is currently attending Texas Tech University.
That pizza delivery guy is a tech tard.
by Barnie June 20, 2006
A computer illiterate who thinks that they are an expert, but is mistaken.
Usually found prowling IT support forums, spouting hundreds of irrelevant and obvious questions and answers, and usually burying the actual answer under mountains of nonsense posts.
They are also usually found near totally destroyed electronic devices, which had previously had only relatively minor problems.

A computer literate who is an expert in a limited number of fields, but attempts to cover this huge gap in their knowledge. They will usually avoiding questions outside of these fields by unhelpfully suggesting that people move their entire operation to their field of expertise instead.
Q: I have bought a new RAID card, and I am unable to boot due to a problem with the firmware. Does anyone know where to find the new version?
A: Have you tried rebooting?
A: Have turned it off and on again?
A: Reinstall your OS.
A: Attack of the techtards <rolls eyes>. Here's where to get it...
A: Have you tried rebooting?

Q: I have bought a new RAID card, and I am unable to boot due to a driver conflict. Does anyone know where to find the new firmware?
A: Get Linux, it's way more stable than the rubbish you're using.
A: Get Windows, it's way easier than the rubbish you're using.
A: Attack of the techtards <rolls eyes>. Here's here to get it...
A: Get a Mac, it's way prettier than the rubbish you're using.
by Mr Savlon September 02, 2009
One who is technologically ignorant or lacking sufficient computer skills to function like a modern human.
Grandma: I tried adding your Facebook wall to mine but I couldn't find you.
Me: What?

Grandma: How do I send a comment?

Grandma: And what is "the twitter?" Do I need to be on that?
Me: Stop being such a techtard.
by chickenb1tch December 17, 2013
One who is technologically backward.
'I told my Nanna to download skype so I could talk to her, but she's a tech tard.'
by Pose April 06, 2009
To be technologically challenged. Someone who is unskilled in the use of technology.
My fiancee doesn't know how to use her phone. She is a techtard.

My mother thinks that having lots of emails stored in hotmail will slow down her computer. She is a techtard.
by Mazkal January 14, 2012
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