A website that is superior to (an)other website(s).
The website www.technovelty.net is technovelty.
by Sheriff Sheep July 16, 2003
Top Definition
The coolest, 1337357 website ever.
Technovelty is so 1337
by ONiKS June 27, 2003
A Web Community containing a unique culture and whatnot. Totally awesometastic
Man That Technovelty.net: how awesome can you get? It's like a Fox!
by Zapper January 05, 2004
A website that will punch you in the face with awesome.
Great googily moogily, that technovelty site blew me away; I must now commit hara kiri for I am not worthy to live in a world with it.
by master of the universe July 14, 2003
a shameless plug.
www.technovelty.net is better than you.
by Oscar June 27, 2003
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