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The coolest, 1337357 website ever.
Technovelty is so 1337
by ONiKS June 27, 2003
1 2

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A Web Community containing a unique culture and whatnot. Totally awesometastic
Man That how awesome can you get? It's like a Fox!
by Zapper January 05, 2004
2 3
A website that is superior to (an)other website(s).
The website is technovelty.
by Sheriff Sheep July 16, 2003
0 3
A website that will punch you in the face with awesome.
Great googily moogily, that technovelty site blew me away; I must now commit hara kiri for I am not worthy to live in a world with it.
by master of the universe July 14, 2003
6 9
a shameless plug. is better than you.
by Oscar June 27, 2003
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