There are a number of technohippies on the World Wide Web. After much debate, the general consensus is that a technohippie is someone who possess both the desire and ability to use the Internet as a tool for positive change.
John Perry Barlow:
Victor Anderson: dba TechnoHippie Software & Consulting
Judy DeNeal-Zucati: Technohippie's Trippy Triangle
by Judy DeNeal-Zucati April 20, 2006
Top Definition
a modern version of the 60's stereotype, the techno hippie is left wing idealist,usually university educated, in a low income job, has multiple tattos, piercings and strange muilt-colured hair styles.

socially, the techno hippie attends out-door festivals and illegal rave parties, where large ammounts of drugs are consumed.
also spends much time playing computergames and surfing, both the net and waves.
the people who buy the disk from neo, at the beggining of the film 'matrix'
by matty June 19, 2004
A term used for someone who likes the technology of 'their' present. but doesn't like the idea of consuming both 'lots of resources' and 'chemicals into their bodies'.

some one who believes both technology and nature can live in harmony, but also believe that people just need to give them both a chance.
"Let technology live on but lets use the knowledge of our ancestors to keep us going." this is often what a Techno Hippie would say.
by PrinceMjrn May 12, 2011
An unemployed techno DJ who likes to put dildos and other objects in his ass.
The girls warned each other not to go home with that DJ because he is a techno hippie.
by DBD Kevin March 10, 2010
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