The word commonly used by idiot 'gangstas' and 'teeny boppers'to describe all Electronic music.
Me: *plays Trance music*
Gangsta: Uhh...this is Techno right?
Me: No, it's Trance you dumbfuck!
Gangsta: Whateva...shit sounds all the same to me.
Me: Typical...
by Bobby De Niro May 10, 2005
The best type of music to listen to when you're baked out of your mind.
"Yo man, I'm ripped."
"Well blast the techno"
"That's some trippy shit man"
by scorchedangel March 15, 2009
Techno is WIICKED with strobelights and WIICKED to fast-dance to! come on people you gotta love it? or have you guys never been clubbing? fuckers techno is awesom stop dissin it.. and this is cummin from sum1 who listens to all sorts of music such as punk, rock, ska, indie, emo, metal.. everything and i still love it... HOW COULD YOU NOT???
lets go clubbing i feel like dancing to come techno!!!
by janey0080 September 20, 2006
Eminem is NOT from Detroit. He only said that so he could make more money off his rap CDs, and ironically, today's rap music uses a mutilated version of techno for the background music.
Not many people like techno thanks to the vast majority of songs out there that give the genre a bad name.
by rap hater September 08, 2003
The best music ever! Many techno music comes from europe too. They are played at clubs and have a beat in it that makes you wanna dance!
Today I bought a cd with my favorite techno songs!
by DitzySteph June 26, 2004
Something that aint goin. An object, person, or place that is completely wack and full of no style. Kevin Federline
1 "Peep these new shoes i just fuckin got"

2 "Those are ugly... na they hella techno"

1 "ay fuck you bitch your shoes look like cardboard and rubber"
by GoneOnMushrooms July 30, 2009
Music made with computers and edited by people called d-j's(disc jockeys). Played in clubs world wide.
This techno music has a sick beat
by wiseguy106 July 10, 2008
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