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noun; adjective:
1.) someone who is obsessed with techno to the point where they have battles during school with another techno whore and they play two different songs of the same artist at once
2.) a person who finds it absolutely necessary to whip out their ed hardy's and air force ones and start frolicing on command
3.) anyone who checks myspace enough for techno that their heart stops beating with thumps but instead with unz unz unz
"Hey did you see that tool last period? We used be close but now he's a complete techno whore and all he cares about is his mixes for Soundgarden."
by Q@t, n!Kk! October 18, 2007
1) Someone who, if given the chance, would readily sell their bodies in order to gain access to the latest technology.

2)Someone who goes to great lengths to attain all the latest technology, often at great cost to their personal lives or finances.
1) In order to afford a Cyberdyne Systems T-101, Paula worked the streets for 18 months straight as a technowhore.

2) Dan was such a technowhore that he stopped buying groceries in order to save up for the new plasma rifle that was coming out in two months. Unfortunately, when it was released, he died of starvation in the line outside Best Buy waiting to get in and buy one.
by Yet Another Mike S. June 02, 2008
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