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A word invented by progressive internet trolls who lack the intellectual ability to argue a position on it's own merit.
"I have no counter argument for your statements so I'm just going to call you names like "Teatard" because I can't think above a 10 year old level.
by a REAL liberal August 18, 2011
A resident of the U.K., England in particular, who is considered dim or ridiculous.
Last night I saw a wasted, high dude running from the cops, screaming slurs and cussing them out in a British accent. Must be a Teatard!
by Geegee Gee January 28, 2014
A british person a.k.a A stupid asshole
I will never go to England again! That place is swarmed with teatards.
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 26, 2010
someone who drinks so much tea, the become retarded
Bob: Lay off that tea man.
Phil: Why should I.
Bob: 2 times 2
Phil: Nail Sneaker Doorknob
Bob: You fucken teatard
by Dan Travis January 31, 2009
When go to get a glass of sweet tea and want to know what retard put the container back in the fridge with only 1/16 of an inch left!
"I'm gonna throat punch the Tea Tard that didn't make any more tea!"
by PenOfFire October 15, 2011
someone who, when making a cuppa tea removes the teabag before adding milk.
that cuppa had better not have been made the TEATARD way???

This tea taste like a TEATARD made it.
by macks83 January 12, 2012
A person who lets opportunist Republicans use the tea party movement for their own ends.

A politically naive conservative who is easily influenced.
Jim, the leader of the teaparty, recieved a personal visit by our conservative Republican congressman who wanted to use the teaparty movement as a platform for his campaign. Jim was impressed and did not see through the sham.

It was on this day Jim became a tea tard.
by Kirks Monkey February 22, 2010