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A resident of the U.K., England in particular, who is considered dim or ridiculous.
Last night I saw a wasted, high dude running from the cops, screaming slurs and cussing them out in a British accent. Must be a Teatard!
by Geegee Gee January 28, 2014
A british person a.k.a A stupid asshole
I will never go to England again! That place is swarmed with teatards.
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 26, 2010
A word invented by progressive internet trolls who lack the intellectual ability to argue a position on it's own merit.
"I have no counter argument for your statements so I'm just going to call you names like "Teatard" because I can't think above a 10 year old level.
by a REAL liberal August 18, 2011
someone who drinks so much tea, the become retarded
Bob: Lay off that tea man.
Phil: Why should I.
Bob: 2 times 2
Phil: Nail Sneaker Doorknob
Bob: You fucken teatard
by Dan Travis January 31, 2009
When go to get a glass of sweet tea and want to know what retard put the container back in the fridge with only 1/16 of an inch left!
"I'm gonna throat punch the Tea Tard that didn't make any more tea!"
by PenOfFire October 15, 2011
someone who, when making a cuppa tea removes the teabag before adding milk.
that cuppa had better not have been made the TEATARD way???

This tea taste like a TEATARD made it.
by macks83 January 12, 2012
Antonym of "libtard".
Joel, is it true that for every teatard in existence there is the equivalent and opposite libtard?
by MONTOYA66 November 25, 2015
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