a hilarious movie by them south park folk. includes one of the best theme songs of all time.
team america has saved the day again yay
#puppet movie #south park #taem america #good movies #bad movies
by carss June 03, 2006
Top Definition
The puppet comedy film by the south park people.
Great and dam funny
Reporter: Once again Team America has succesfully pissed off the world
by Araxmas August 04, 2005
funny puppet 1:"It's Me! It's Me!"
funny puppet 2:"I think he's saying kiss me, kiss me!"
funny puppet 3:"Smart ass mother fucker!"
Team America saved my ass!!!
#funny #movie #puppet #adult content #terrorisim.
by vogan April 18, 2007
the most awesome group of people on the face of the earth. Crazy. Fun. Sexy. Retarded. All of that equals those 4 people!
"Dude look at those 4 retards going crazy!"
"It's Team America what do you expect?!"
#skye #allie #mike #katie #awesome
by Team America itself!!!!! August 23, 2008
a puppet movie involving a group of world police officers (terrorists, same thing eh?) who do more damage than the terrorists they are trying to stop
i.e they destroy half of Paris to stop a guy blowing up a busy street corner.
example 1:
Asshole1: AMERICA!

Asshole2: FUCK YEAH!

Republican: Isn't that the catch phrase for team america? the guys who do more damage than the terrorists they stop?

Asshole2: FUCK YEAH!

Republican: *sigh*....

example 2:

Nato (north atlantic treaty orginizaion)
#group #usa #nato #douchebag #failure #george bush.
Overrate Shite. People quote it thinking it is actually funny. It was meant to be dig at american "World Policing", but ended up as a peurile waste of film.
Me : "The knowledge that you exist is a burden on my soul."
#team amerca #shite #overrated #boring #pointless
by Ennead September 28, 2005
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