Discussing Tim Teabow. Bringing up Tim Teabow's controversial behavior is taboo in polite company because many people have strong opinions about it, and discussions of such tends to start arguments.
Friend- "Did you see how ridiculous Teabow was on the field last night. He must have kneeled down like every.."

Me- "Hey! That subject is teaboo! Let's talk about something else...."
by GregZILLA! January 09, 2012
Top Definition
Like a weeaboo, but fetishizing British culture rather than Japanese culture. Think that watching Sherlock and Doctor Who give them any actual insight on the country at all and that saying things like "tea and crumpets" makes them interesting. Most likely have never actually been within 100 feet of a real British person in their life.
"Ugh did you see that teaboo over there who's lecturing people on British history that she learned through YouTube? Lame."
"I know, so obnoxious."
by fullmetaloptimist March 28, 2014
A person, often a fan of some British-based series such as Doctor Who or Harry Potter or Sherlock, who is to British culture what a weeaboo is to Japanese culture - that is, they want to be so engulfed in English culture that they shit the Queen.
Mark is such a teaboo. I mentioned Doctor Who offhand when I was next to him, and Mark instantly rattled off his theory that Severus Snape was a Time Lord while drinking two liters of Earl Gray. Then he sped off, but not before whispering in my ear the URL for his tumblr page.
by Zappy Dan the Magnet Man March 25, 2014
An American who is obsessed with Britain. Some also claim to know everything about British culture just by watching British television.
American: I just watched (insert British TV programme here)! I'm now officially British!
Bob: You're a teaboo!
by LeUrbanDefiner December 17, 2014
A person obsessed with British culture, like a weeaboo is to Japanese culture.
Mike: Man, Joe, you're such a teaboo!
Joe: fuck off, bloody cunt, the name's Duke Joseph, I'll make sure the Queen has your head for this.
by YeOldeTurtle September 05, 2015
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