A (usually) boiling hot drink that is made up by: Small amount of milk in a mug, followed by 1 or 2 teaspoonful sugars and a teabag. You then add the boiling hot water, stir, take out the teabag and drink.
The British do drink alot of tea but as with every sterotype, it is highly exagerated, not everyone likes it, alot of people prefer coffee or none at all, and we don't drink it ''all the time.''
But you should be proud, drinking tea is what made the British empire, owning 1/4th of the world and all.
Tea is nice to have with biscuits or other things, such as marshmellows.
by Entity Deus September 12, 2006
Goon or beer. Generally a term used by underage alcoholics needing to disguise the real name of it.
"Hey, Jane, what sort of tea have you got for Trent's house party?"
"Just some goon."
by JaNeTlOvEsYoU May 20, 2007
A group of homosexuals.
Those guys over there are such Tea?s
by Henry 818181 October 17, 2008
To have sexual intercourse after requesting a person's presence at your house late at night. Very similar to booty call but in this case the person attempts to lie to their friends about the act taking place
"Did you fuck John last night"

"No, he only came over for tea"

"You're a slut"
by alicado March 28, 2007
A meal replacement for anorexic people and caffeine addicts.

Makes you pee a lot.

A word used when happy.
"Let's go have some tea then barf it up homie."

"I'm going to pee because I had tea."

Sir: Let's go call on Konrad.

Lady: TEA!
by maaan June 24, 2006
coffee for the non-homosexual community.
Gay guy: I like to sit in coffee shops drinking coffee. Can't stand going to straight peoples' houses and being offered tea.
by Roaring Hell May 19, 2004
A substance which shodul not bubble
As seen in an away message: "Tea is not supposed to buble"
by Ben Personick January 04, 2004

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