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spanish for "I love you"...often used when seducing. When foreign language is used, it makes it seem more sensual and thoughtful
Te amo, Megan. Would you like to come over?
by Sputnik November 12, 2003
111 126
1. The expression "i love you" is the equivalent for both spanish "te amo" and "te quiero". "Te Quiero" can be said to everybody, BUT! "te amo" is used for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. You can say "te amo" to a friend, if both of you know that there's no sexual/physical attraction, in that case is the same as "te quiero".
1. boyfriend: te amo, Maria.
girlfriend: yo tambien te amo, mi amor.

2. Maria: let's go party so that you can forget that idiot!
Jessica: hahah, oh, you are so crazy!!te amo!!(or "te quiero")
by Ailin_argentina March 05, 2007
363 144
Spanish for "I love you" If you are saying a whole sentences in Spanish and use it, it sounds very cheesy and soap opera like. Advice: Use "te quiero" instead...
-te amo, mi amor... - uh..get a life!
by arr mate September 12, 2005
196 141
Teamo = Team Emo

Teamo is a collective body of emotive individuals who hope to express their inner most feelings.
Teamo shall own 8emo and anyone else who tries to bring it out of it's emoness
by Joe Bloggs January 01, 2005
15 13
the most ideal group or team.
Team O always wins.
by TheMan123 April 03, 2013
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Latin for: I Love You
Te Amo Jessica, Te amo.
by Taber August 17, 2004
100 130
I love you in portuguese!
Ryan eu te amo! = Ryan I love you!
by PaollaBrazil September 28, 2007
63 115