This Country's Fucked
Mallee Country was once beautiful (wet) eucalypt forest along the banks of the Murray. Barrie Humphreys talks about, how as a child, they slashed and burned the entire area during the 40s and 50s. Now it's all dust. TCF!
by Peter A B April 02, 2008
Top Definition
An abbreviation for "Too Cool For School"
Wow, nice clothes, now your really tcfs
by st1llet0 August 28, 2007
TCF stands for The Chosen Few. TCF is a movie release group.
by CrAcK September 25, 2003
A radio shack employee term for Think customers first.
Customer: Hey i need a fuse and the most inexpensive batterie you have
Employee: You should go to target where the batteries and fuses are on sale all week!
Customer: thanks man, your a big help!

That is a prime example of TCF
by Matt oh yeah thats me October 15, 2005
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