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This Country's Fucked
Mallee Country was once beautiful (wet) eucalypt forest along the banks of the Murray. Barrie Humphreys talks about, how as a child, they slashed and burned the entire area during the 40s and 50s. Now it's all dust. TCF!
by Peter A B April 02, 2008
An abbreviation for "Too Cool For School"
Wow, nice clothes, now your really tcfs
by st1llet0 August 28, 2007
TCF stands for The Chosen Few. TCF is a movie release group.
by CrAcK September 25, 2003
A radio shack employee term for Think customers first.
Customer: Hey i need a fuse and the most inexpensive batterie you have
Employee: You should go to target where the batteries and fuses are on sale all week!
Customer: thanks man, your a big help!

That is a prime example of TCF
by Matt oh yeah thats me October 15, 2005