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Take care of business or Taking care of business.
Yo, I gotta go TCB.
by Eric Pheterson February 12, 2004
Team canyon bitches
did you hear about the name coach gave our team? we're T.C.B.
by don padro May 21, 2003
Short for "Totally Cock-Blocking". Often funnier when used in scenarios when misunderstood by one party for the more common "Taking care of business" abbreviation.
I so would have closed that deal, but Matt was TCB
by Wiznerd1 September 16, 2009
T-typical C-cracker B-behavior, when someone who is black or of other race or color, acts like a white dude, orriginally from merry kwanza charlie brown, which you can watch on, it is helarious.
black kid 1: i wanna listen to sweet rock instead of rap!
black kid 2: damn nigga, you got some TCB!
by acdcrules January 02, 2006
texas cry babies
tacos con barbaccoa

south sider: ey homie im hngry i want some tcb with salsa

south sider: ey man the tcb proved themselfs today... they can really cry
by Mack_tehn956 April 03, 2009
"Typical Cracker Behavior"
i can't beleive He fired me, thats such TCB
by L-Town king January 03, 2008
The Condom Bandits
Man: Wow it says here in the newspaper that TCB has struck again!

Woman: Well of course they did! That guy didn't use a condom, so he had to die by a condom.
by Miss Alysha January 03, 2009
obviously standing for "taking care of business"
it's lingo for smoking weed
"wanna tcb?"
"pssh obviousy"
by Jack-4E October 15, 2005

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