TC is the biggest slutties hoe ever.... she has slept with like all hale, scotch, aquanas, wesely and mazanod guys............. best fuk eva!
by pinny1345 October 28, 2008
Acronym for turd cutter
Did you see the TC on her?
by mandymanjuice October 20, 2008
Is a acronym commonly used in high schools.
It means 'too cool' as in the popular group.
oh aimee joined the tc's
by leahhhhhhhh July 05, 2007
Trojan Latex condoms
I'm always packin' TC's before I spread the cheese.
by Tetay October 28, 2006
A tight cunt who sponges from other peoples generosity, whilst collecting a small fortune of their own. Using the money to seduce other women in the process. Im TC the lady tamer
"Hey dude i have no money"- friend 1

Ok, i will pay

"i love free drinks, hey ladys" friend 1

i hate tc, the lady tamer
by Lennon2784 October 03, 2006
Short for Tender Crisp, or Nanticha the latter being a McCore whore from Thailand.
TC 420; if its free its for TC
by Symple666 April 19, 2005
Turd Cutter, A girl who has a really defined ass cheeks. Those cheeks cut turds!
Man!! Look at those TC she's got on her!
by Kenswift23 December 24, 2007

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