When it comes to pirated movies, TC is short for telecine.
These are the (likely pirated) svcd files for the movie "Meet the Fockers" captured via telecine by a group called TUN.

by inane5 February 08, 2005
Top Definition
short for "take care"
thanks for the info. tc.
by pisce November 17, 2004
An acronym used on forums to mean "topic creator"
I agree with the TC.
by nmycxz October 22, 2006
"too cool" usually used sarcastically when describing the upper class populars
No scott wont be here because he is T C. for us now.
by Lucy Mereness March 09, 2006
take care
like t.l.c tender loving care
hey good speaking to you, t.c x x
by georgia :) August 30, 2008
twitter Crush
I would like my TC to write me a tweet with my username
by joki325pr April 13, 2013
abbreviation for Turd Cutter, refers to an ass, usually a nice tight piece of ass
Rob was checking out all the hot T.C. at the beach.
by Spider420 September 15, 2005
a phrase to descirbe something a man called Brian Carey did that is typical of him or his actions something he would do that is "Typical Carey"
carey shifted a bird the last night and took her jersey as he was leaving the following morning"

"sure thats TC"
by john conneely February 21, 2012
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