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A person that can either be he/she because of the name.

Andrew "Hey are you bisexual"
Taylor "No why"
Andrew "Cause your name goes both ways"
by Serena Engesser December 20, 2008
77 111
a girl who will actually believe all of the other definitions of taylor on urbandictionary and wont just shut the hell up about it. hehehehe :)
Taylor: *runs around with phone showing def. of taylor*
Everyone Else: would she just shut the FK up??!!
by yeah,you know who it is, tay;) December 09, 2009
36 75
it is a name, derived from the english language, meaning tailor

as in... the tailor made shoes... or
Taylor is cool... as a name
tailor as definition
by tayloor July 10, 2008
64 105
A girl that is in love with a boy named sean, she thinks shes really cool, but she is not. she also likes the sextual activity! ow ow
Taylor is weird.
by Soccer32423234 April 14, 2010
6 53
a latte boy. Generally brings one java and joy. Loved by women who enjoy extra foam on their coffee.
oo have you seen the new taylor down at Starbucks? he is fine.
by mwills August 23, 2008
50 97
taylor , is liiiike , kinda weird to figure out . cause she will talk shit about you behind your back , and then act perfectly normal towards you in front of your face . beeeeeeeeeecause , at the end of the day , she will talk shit no mattttttta what . buuut she can also be lke a really good friend tooo , so its weeeeeeeeeeeeeird ! and she always points at her phone and does the middle finger to it for like 203423049023490 minutes , and its annoying because she thinks she is reaaally bad ass , when really , she is not . this is a brunette taylor , who is a but tubby , but not much . just a little . she has nice hair . and a nice face . but shes a bitch , dont let it mistake you . but shes okay sometims . so , whateeeever , shes a LESBIAN . or she might as well be , BEEEEEECAUSE she doesnt put out for a guy at aaaaall , like not even make out . because a taylor is too scared to do anything , AT AAAALL . she will never be a belly dancer ! ever ! she doesnt even have a nice belly to do it .. ahaa . typicallllllly .
taylor .. is a shit talking two face back stabbing ex bestfriend . ):<
by that biiitchh . August 13, 2010
6 55
blonde taylors are sweet and have the nicest smell, while black or brown haired taylors are trampy cheerleaders who talk about people:( and mean and not nice
boy: shes soo taylor

girl: ikr! shes such a hoe!
by girlygirlvampie February 12, 2010
17 68