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when someone hogs something or takes alot of something like a drink
or chargin to much trying to rip you off
being greedy or stingy
that nigga is taxin' on tha bottle(alcohal)
quit taxin tha blunt and pass it
i taxed them chips(finished them)

guy1:how much he want for that amp
guy2:he wants 2 bills
guy1: damn he's taxin'
#taxin' #hogging #ripp-of #f ove #r charging #greedy
by big hec January 17, 2010
5 Words related to taxin'
the white version of bein "green"
getting screwed over

My best friend said I was taxin on him when I was cock-blockin him.

The teacher was taxin on the students when she gave them detention.
#green #tax #screwed #messed up #taxing
by Austin Moser June 12, 2008
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