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Is a joint rotation system.
While 2+ people are sharing a joint, one of them may call taxi and so each participant smokes one hit and passes the joint to the next participant (clockwise), he must hold the smoke in his lungs until the joint makes a full round.

The name is derived from the public transportation field.
When riding a taxi the meter always keeps on running
Stop hogging onto the joint let's taxi.
by J.D.Z January 29, 2011
8 4
A ferry for commuters that operates at a reasonable fee, based on distance traveled.
Let's get a taxi home.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
34 30
an ugly fat girl with a yellow shirt on.
*fat girl walks down the hallway with a yellow tee on*

"hey.. taxi!"
by gbrd December 18, 2007
26 23
Used to assert the point that someones presence is no longer required. As in, calling someone a taxi.
Trev:"I can't believe jon dumped that australian bird!"
Al:"Maybe he got tired of going down under! ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!
by Banj December 20, 2004
27 25
a jerk-off who thinks he's a mafia don
I'm Joe Taxis and I'm gonna fuck you upa yo' ass cause I'm sooo cool.
by Captain Rambone September 06, 2003
3 2
I know you just broke up with your boyfriend, but you need to stop complaining and taxi.
by Gsmith13 March 09, 2010
5 5
A term for a girl that fucks everyone with no discrimination. This espically appilys when they girl goes out with a good looking guy and he is then followed by one or more really fucking ugly guy.
Dude, that chick is such a taxi!
by lonestar June 03, 2004
3 4