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Can be used as an adj. verb or noun.
1. A word used to describe a family game night/meeting.
2. To describe negative/positive praises while playing the game of soccer.
3. To make fun of somebody (etc. clothing, bowl-cut hairdo)
4. A way of hugging somebody hello or goodbye.
Georgia: "I have to get back for tauty night"

- Anna had a very tauty bowl-cut hairdo in 3rd grade.
- That was a tauty pass . . come on tauty!

GayByrd - "Ta to the tauty"
by Amanda McFrail August 26, 2006
To get blasted drunk, smoke tons of cigarettes and throw in hogs all nite
Yo boi you tryin' to get tauty tonight?
by M8kin CH3353 October 25, 2008
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