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One who is a total asshole idiot and is covered with tattoos. They also possess many of the same qualities of a douche bag.

See douche bag for more information.
Alison: "Dude, that guy over there with the tattoos is super hot!"

Dani: "Ew, I know him. He's a complete tattouche bag."
by not very katie like August 13, 2008
Tattouchebag: A person who needs to express themselves through tattoos of extremely poor quality and extremely high quantity, or just a douche with tattoos. You know who you are...
I like how that guy is covered from head to toe with demons, spiderwebs and unicorns that look like they were drawn in with crayon...what a tattouchebag!

I love when people let their friends give them tattoos...Look at that tattouchebag over there!

I guess that guy never plans on getting a job...what a tattouchebag!

That guy is such a douchebag and he is covered by tattoos. Voila! Tattouchebag!
by poon134113R November 02, 2010