A pair of breasts that have been inked.
Dude, did you see that bitch with the blue hair and massive tatties? I am going to use those like a bulls-eye for my ejaculatory fluid.
by love them tatties August 16, 2008
Top Definition
1. Breasts (titties)
2. Potatoes, usually mashed'
1. 'That young lady had herself an exceptional set of tatties'
2. 'Yes, I'll have the steak with tatties on the side'
by whiskymack February 21, 2004
British slang for shabby, dilapidated, or cheap.
He is proud of his Scottish ancestry but dresses as a "Tartan Tatty" (his worn kilt kit was bought used or of little quality).
by marblemap September 17, 2008
the southern term for "titties" or "boobs"
that girl had some big ol' tatties
by rionthelion November 03, 2010
A person is a tatty when they are a know it all and overly self promotes to the point where they lie. If you have a black cat, theirs is blacker. Similar to potatoes these persons can be refered to as 'baked ones' and dependent on how full of it they are they could potentially be fully baked which is the highest form of tatty. Any reference to potato can be used, someone could be a 'jacket of the full baked variety' this would also mean tatty. Someone who hasn't reached full tatty status would be refered to as slowely baking or mpartially baked.
'You know Paul, the one who just keeps talking and talking about how great he is?' 'Yeah I know Paul, he's a fully baked tatty'
by Jacket Potato April 23, 2015
western glasweigen slang for potatoes
tim= canny wait fur ma tattys the night
by mactagart July 02, 2009
A large breasted girl; being in possession of massive boobs and usually filthy
She's a bit tatty - go on!
by Lookie Fruitloop May 04, 2007
Scottish: potato
Do you want some mince and tatties for dinner?

I fancy having a roll with tatty scone for breakfast.
by Mariposa87 January 19, 2013
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