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The phenomenon of forgetting how much it hurt to get a tattoo. In most cases, people remember the pain accurately at first and the memory changes gradually. People with severe tattesia may eventually come to believe that a very painful tattoo did not hurt at all but this usually takes several years.

During subsequent tattoos, some people may have a tattesia flashback and remember the pain of previous tattoos. If they get tattesia again, they will also forget this flashback.

Only occurs in some people and may not affect them after every tattoo. Unlikely to occur in people with high pain tolerance.
1. (two years after tattoo)
Mel: This tattoo didn't hurt at all!
Jess: You must have tattesia, because you cried the entire time!

2. I didn't realize how badly I had tattesia until I got this new tattoo! I had the worst tattesia flashback ever.
by cek September 25, 2012
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