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Another word, or slang for Tattoo.
Nice tatt dude. How many tatts do you have?
by eb1radtech May 21, 2005
82 24
tatts, a tall but lanky fireman who has arms and legs thinner than toothpicks, activitys include playing internet games and giving michael henry tiny teddies.
tatts, go to stickcricket
by mic collins February 03, 2009
10 13
The deposit of multi colored or black and grey ink under the skin, into an award winning, kick fucking ass, tat.
I got my new tatts at Gizmo's on Green ville in Dallas, TX. You should check them out at texastat2.com. Fo sho. Chuch.
by Sean Bones October 27, 2005
16 23
A liberal on GameFAQs who's right about everything, but no one wants to listen to him. He's well known for his deterministic and deistic views.
Tatts is a cool guy who sometimes gets mistaken for a troll because he has a strong sense of right and wrong.
by FFHC December 19, 2004
5 20
Used by a female when wanting to see the penis of a man who has just been shown the breast of that same female.
Come on, it's only fair! Tit for tatt.
by Stiffy85 March 22, 2005
30 68