This is when you turn tv on its side to play shmups, the cream of video games.
Man, I'm totally gona tate my tv tonight and play Ikaruga and Dodonpachi. Like, now.
by johnl March 15, 2005
Sweetest guy. But misunderstood. He does some pretty dirty stuff but hes a good friend. Ignore his pervertedness and get to know him before you make any quick judgements on him. He also has the cutest smile. And big brown eyes.
So i talked to Tate
#sweet #cute #funny #nice #awkward
by telleroftruths49 May 01, 2013
Tate is a fandom term that represents the Tony/Kate ship in the NCIS fandom. The two of them are special agents in the NCIS series. Their names are Anthony Dinozzo and Caitlin Todd. People used to ship them real hard back in the time of 2006. Kate and Tony unfortunately never shared a kiss on-screen, but we all sure hope that they did off-screen. Their relationship was always refered to as a sibling relationship, although, it was actually more of a love/hate relationship. Many hints were given that Tony liked Kate. Kate perhaps gave a few too, but Tony was head over heels for sure. They did presumably go on a date, in the episode "The Truth Is Out There" in season 1. Their relationship grew into a bit more romantic kind in season 2. In one episode, behind other characters, they can be seen holding hands while standing under an umbrella. In "SWAK", Kate pretends to be sick for Tony, who is actually sick, so she could stay with him for the night. That episode has perhaps proven the ship slightly canon. The producers admitted they actually wanted them together, but Sasha Alexander wanted to leave after season 2, so they had to kill off Kate in season 2's finale "Twilight". In season 9 episode 14, "Life Before His Eyes", Gibbs imagines what could have been if he saw the sniper trying to take a shot at Kate, resulting in the two eventually falling in love, getting married, and having a girl named Kelly. This ship is very funny.
Person 1: Why shipping Tate? I can see Tony and Ziva together. Kate and Tony are more of a brother and sister.

Tate shipper: *Gently loads a Sig Sauer*
Person 1: Where did you get that gun? What are you doing?
Tate shipper:*Pulls the trigger in cold blood. Misses*
Person 1: What are you doing?
Tate shipper:*sobs* Tate will never be canon!
#ncis #ship #otp #fandom #mcabby #jibbs #tiva #canon #love
by The Fangirl Of NCIS February 16, 2015
A males name that often get confused with british people with taint. Tate is the name for a boy who is very kind, gentle, and often friendzoned guy. He cares about his body has great hair, tall and lanky.
"Dude, mackenzie texted me saying i'm like her brother", "bro you got tated".
#puppylove #stellar #coolcat #wu-tangclan #friendzoned
by Youarereadingthis. July 23, 2012
Usually a homosexual mexican. His parents when he was young mught have thought he was a tranvestite this name similar to the name pat. Tate can either be a boy or a girl. Often is tall . Tate often wonders if he is going to die of gayness. I think we should rid the world of tates because there homoerotic...........................
hey you wanna chill with tate.
no its a fag and im not sure if its a guy or girl.
#gay #pussy #tall #homo #queer
by Joshua Schmegma March 08, 2011
1.)A fucking asswipe that likes to lick other mans anus
2.)see asshole
3.)see needle dick
-wow i had a tate last night.
by November 20, 2004
A person who cant get any chicks, and clings to a girl because she's the only person who talk to him the girl being a whore
Tate: Hey slut Slut:Hey tate,
Tate: Hey "non slut" ,non slut: leave me alone
by Koopar July 16, 2003
A term the Best girlfriend a guy could ask for, a Tate is smart, semi shy, however easy to talk to when you get her going, gorgeous, witty, and trustworthy, you name it.
"Wow Thomas, way to go, your girlfriend is a real Tate!"
"Just started dating this girl, I don't want to speak to soon but I think she is a real Tate!"
#girlfriend #awesome #perfect #tat #thomas
by Tthetank February 03, 2014
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