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feeling intense embarrassment for someone else.

When someone does something so pathetically embarrassing that you would not be human if it didn't embarrass you just through your proximity to the situation.

It is especially potent when you witness this embarrassing act.
Gaby, did you just see that poor girl trip on a banana and impale herself on a hooker's spiky boot?. . . I have such tartingles!
by professor Quinta November 30, 2006
23 10
(Noun) The sensation of embarrassment at someone else's awkward situations.
1) God, doesn't Curb Your Enthusiasm give you the worst fucking tartingles?

2) I have a rough case of the tartingles whenever a usually quiet kid gets drunk and becomes an uncontrollably loud and honest mysogynist
by ..s.s.s December 13, 2008
2 1