Someone of either sex who is overly concerned about their image, and the projection thereof. Symptoms include the desire to be associated with celebrities, in public.
That Simon Cowell is such a tart.
#vain #self-regarding #self-promoting #modest (antonym) #humble (antonym)
by JimInRoses January 27, 2010
Someone who is straight or homosexual.
1: Ew look at those fags.
2: What's your problem, fucking tart!
#tart #straight #tarts #het #fag
by Maddiika July 23, 2009
A faggot and or retard that you happen to notice while in the presence of adults.
Obviously upon hearing you say retard or fag they become all pissed off. So. You simply mutter it to yourself. And more or less the adult will leave you alone.

Kid: Freakin' Retard!

Adult: KID!?! Watch your language!!

Kid: Sorry.
-Mubles: Freakin' Tart.
Adult: Hmm. What?

Kid: I'm hungry.

Adult: Huh...Ok...
#tart #retard #faggot #fag #jackass
by I3ambi January 10, 2008
a word to replace 'retard'
chris: i just spelled sun, sone.

tyler: you're a fucking tart.
#retard #stupid #moron #idiot #dumb
by shiloh orion March 30, 2006
a fart that passes through the gooch region aka the space between the genitals and the anus, and releases inbetween the thighs when sitting down.
Chuck: Did you just fart?

Aaron: No, that one tickled my thighs, that was a tart.
by chuck dizzle July 11, 2005
A word used as an insult to someone acting stupid in an online game. to qualify as a "tart" they must not b acting quite as stuipd as a smacktard or a fucktard , but at the same time, not as "unaware" as a n00b . the person(s) must be acting a tart, not naturly one as this makes them a smacktard (if that makes ne sence)
oi, stop killin the hossies u tart
plant the fucking bomb u tart
ur a real tart 2day
by pieboy April 17, 2004
Something that is terrible, not good.
Man, Scary Movie 4 was fucking tart!
#terrible #horrible #not good #garbage #disgusting
by Sweet James Jones April 27, 2006
word used to describe the condition of a vagina
I bet that girl is fuckin' TART
by Troy May 03, 2003
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