Someone of either sex who is overly concerned about their image, and the projection thereof. Symptoms include the desire to be associated with celebrities, in public.
That Simon Cowell is such a tart.
by JimInRoses January 27, 2010
One who is not very bright. A tard; a retard.

Can also be someone that is very annoying.
Chiffon is an annoying tart because she talks too much about irrelevant topics that no one cares about.
by Darian C. November 13, 2006
1. A pastry often filled with fruit jam or some other filling.

2. Having a taste that makes one's lips pucker.

3. A woman who intentionally appears easy (slutty) and often too boldly tries to find someone to have sex with but who is rejected every time and therefore cannot qualify as a slut. Also a woman who marries a man who has no interest in sex but who keeps trying anyways. A wannabe slut.

*note: these girls are often pretty and/or sexy but tend to have a self-esteem issue or emotional issue that turns off her prey.
Girl: Hey, what's your name? You're cute. Wanna have sex?
Guy: James... errr... who are you?
Girl: Why don't we find out on the floor of my apartment. Mmmm.
Guy: Have you no respect for yourself? Get thee hence, Tart!
Girl: Your loss. I really would have had sex with you.
Guy: Ummm. Yeah, that would never happen. *shudder*
by JoeyDG February 06, 2008
A professional slut who poses nude in men's magazines.
There's a nice photo of that tart on page 12, if you're interested in checking it out.
by Samantha Fox October 21, 2007
1. a slutty bitch, or
2. a preppy bitch, or
3. all of the above
Fuck she's a tart,or
What a skanky tart
by Floydika August 03, 2005
This is when you are trying to secretly tell a friend that you farted while among large group of people, you just say i tarted
Dude dont say anyhting but i just ripped a healthy tart and it smells pretty bad
by dp snizzle February 08, 2009
Akin to a pie but somewhat more sweet than savory
My name is Currant Bun has anyone seen my girlfriend Jam Tart?
by alkie chris November 26, 2003
Someone who is straight or homosexual.
1: Ew look at those fags.
2: What's your problem, fucking tart!
by Maddiika July 23, 2009

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