bus used to bring mentally challenged kids to school
"Birdman rides the tart cart to school"
by Super Dee September 05, 2002
Top Definition
Those half-length school busses that bring "slow" kids to special-ed school, or summer school.
"There were so few kids going on the field trip, they sent us on a tart cart, and the whole trip, people in cars were pulling up next to us and laughing because they thought we were retards."
by Siddownshaddap May 13, 2004
a limo, normally white and outside a night club. so called because it is used to 'cart' a loads of 'tarts'.
'look at all them sluts in their tart cart'
by josh - urban definer November 02, 2007
A very feminine vehicle (e.g. VW Cabriolet)
Trixie's sugar daddy just got her a new tart cart.
by Mr. C July 14, 2004
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