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a limo, normally white and outside a night club. so called because it is used to 'cart' a loads of 'tarts'.
'look at all them sluts in their tart cart'
by josh - urban definer November 02, 2007
25 50
Those half-length school busses that bring "slow" kids to special-ed school, or summer school.
"There were so few kids going on the field trip, they sent us on a tart cart, and the whole trip, people in cars were pulling up next to us and laughing because they thought we were retards."
by Siddownshaddap May 13, 2004
231 112
bus used to bring mentally challenged kids to school
"Birdman rides the tart cart to school"
by Super Dee September 05, 2002
77 43
A very feminine vehicle (e.g. VW Cabriolet)
Trixie's sugar daddy just got her a new tart cart.
by Mr. C July 14, 2004
19 74