Often a sailor moon fanatic. Also referred to as the sexiest babe ever.
I saw Tarmen in a Sailor Moon porno last night. She is the sexiest babe ever!
by craptastik November 29, 2009
Top Definition
an offensive term to someone who's skin is black, much like nigger, or coon.
we don't know who did it, so arrest that filthy tarman, until we find someone darker.
by baillie July 22, 2005
A creature from The Return of the Living Dead a 1985 American zombie film that was followed by several sequels. The creature that crawls out of the radioactive top secret Army barrell and appears to be covered in black tar is a Tar Man.
Hey Jimmy look at that old metal barrel over there, looks like the one that Tar Man craweled out of in Return of the Living Dead.
by 80sHorrormoviesblog August 11, 2011
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