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Reffering to an action or object;
1) To express retardedness.
2) To express lateness.

See tardiness
1) "You can never do anything right! You're just too tardy!"
2) "Explain why you are so tardy today!"
by spronkey November 30, 2003
1. When you arrive to a destination after the time you're supposed to be there.

2. When you act stupid, borderline retarded
1. James was late to class, so he was tardy.

2. James was on time to class, but it was a Sunday and he didn't have school, so he was tardy.
by GodsRedhead April 05, 2010
A word to describe something or someone that is lame. Originates from the word tardy to describe unpunctual but is now a HIGHLY POPULAR alternative to the somewhat overused 'lame'
George was really tardy today
by Dobby Fan #1 April 17, 2009
Not totally conscious of reality.
"Tardy Jackson Pleads Innocent."

Source: Reuters news brief, Fri Jan 16, 2004
by ckg January 17, 2004
A person usually becomes tardy when they are over-tired, have had too much sugar or are possibly drunk.
They say bonehead things and act like complete fools.
"James please stop acting so friggn tardy. Just calm down or I'll have to make you leave."

"I hate spending time with these tardy people!"
by *Barbie July 25, 2006
A little girl's leotards or tights.
Her mother made her wear her tardies so her legs wouldn't get cold when she wore a skirt.
by Mom of One March 24, 2008
Tardy as in unclassy, frumpiness. Also used in the context when overdone and unrealistic.
"Did you see her fall over?"
"Yeah but it was completely tardy.. mainly because you could see what she ate for breakfast!"

"Charlotte looks quite tardy in that picture!"
"Yeah but that's typical tardiness from her, she always looks like Barbies long lost cousin"

"Excuse me, feeling a little tardy today"
"No way hun, you don't look tardy at all, last night however..."
by Milosaraptor March 12, 2012
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