An alternate generic name for any of the many psychotic,theocratic,kleptocracies that exist in the middle east with the last letters consisting of the dreaded "STAN".These countries could fill Tard Wagons(short yellow bus)for the next century due to the fact that they are full of TARDO(retarded)backwards people.
My vacation really sucked because I accidently arranged to spend it in a filthy,vile,bleak Tardistan country!
by tickyul January 02, 2007
Top Definition
Derogitory name given to Melbourne, Australia. Fans of Melbourne Victory Football Club are routinely referred to as "tards" by rival football fans due to their moronic behaviour. Therefore, Tardistan became the nickname given to Melbourne and/or Melbourne's football stadium.
Person 1: So how did the trip to Tardistan go?
Person 2: Excellent, Adelaide beat Melbourne 3-0
by Kozzie December 17, 2006
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