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n. An enormously large, or overused, vagina. Origin: in the British TV series "Dr. Who," the TARDIS was a time machine that was deceptively larger on the inside than the outside.
Christ! That hooker I picked up last night sure was a tardis twat.
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003
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A TARDIS Twat refers to a short and petite female who just happens to have an unusually wide and abnormally deep vaginal cavity. TARDIS TWAT can also refer specifically to the vagina itself.

The word TARDIS originates from the BBC series, Dr. Who, where the TARDIS was a smallish looking box, the inside of which was enormous. This was due to a distortion of time and space.
"So I get her in the sack and start going at it, and I asked her 'Is it in yet?'. This TARDIS Twat was so big I couldn't even figure out if my pecker was in there. So I talked her into anal...which was much better."
by Eduardo D January 05, 2007

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