1. Someone who participates in tard farming, which is the action of having a job where you deal with a lot of stupid and braindead people at any given point in time who are not your coworkers (note: working in an office full of idiots is called "misfortune", not tard farming).

2. When you are amongst a whole lot of stupid people whom you pointedly don't want to interact with, but they keep coming up to you, anyway. Consequently, they will not go away until you answer their questions or verbally beat them into a bigger oblivion than the one they've known.
1. I swear, sitting at this fucking desk and dealing with inbred hordes of college kids who will never go anywhere in life makes me feel like a tard farmer.
2. Dude, he works for the City University of New York. Natural born tard farmer, if you ask me.
by Abdallah Price May 13, 2010
Top Definition
Special Education teacher, instructor, or aide.
Cherry is a tard farmer, poor girl.
by bastard May 23, 2003
insult implying you are "retarded", or your friends you hang out with are "retards".
You're such a tardfarmer!
by elseaelsea. June 12, 2009
When someone you know is driving a tractor and has their phone in their back pocket and pocket texts you over and over for an hour without realizing it.
Guy 1: What are all these stupid ass texts that make no sense about?

Guy 2: Sorry man, I left my phone in my back pocket while I was using the excavator and I must have text you on accident.

Guy 1: Well lock your keypad you stupid tard-farmer.
by El Davo XXXIV September 12, 2011
A person who continually rediates retardedness from themselves; cultivating large quantities of retarded statements, actions, and thoughts.
Dude, you tard farmer, stop talking. You are killing my brain cells.
by Ptown kid April 06, 2008
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